Horizontal vs Vertical Magholders

Carrying an extra pistol magazine is a no brainer for a lot of CCW permit holders. Having that spare magazine in case of an emergency is a very real possibility. There are plenty of situations where that spare magazine was needed, often times the spare magazine was available, when it was not, you can be for sure the user wished they had it. Unfortunately, a lot of the spare magazine holders come as the vertical style. Concealing a pistol is getting easier and easier nowadays with all the different holsters and new IWB styles. However concealing the spare magazine is READ MORE

The Accubow

During the hunting offseason I am always looking for ways to keep in shape. I first started running 2 years ago after realizing I had some major pounds to lose. In addition to running I have always added some weight lifting and other training throughout the winter months. I have also attempted to shoot my bow in my backyard to keep my arms in tip top shape. Than I found the Accubow this last fall. It is essentially an elastic band on a bow that allows for different resistance levels. I have not been the most consistent user all winter READ MORE