You don’t Sell Guns, You Buy Guns

I’ve been taught that you do not sell guns, you buy guns. While many of my peers buy and sell guns so they can experience every type of gun as they “upgrade” what they have, I tend to disagree. I live by a completely different model where I see these rifles and pistols as investments and eventual items I will pass onto my children. Inheriting a Japanese Arisaka Type 99 RifleĀ  Recent events in my wife’s family lead to us going through my father-in-laws possessions to help clean out his house to get it ready to sell. As we were READ MORE

Hearing Protection

Prevention is Better then a Cure I have been shooting since I was a teenager! As I have gotten older I have shot more and more often. I shoot rimfire up to magnum rifles. I have shot both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the last year or so before I finally started to use hearing protection. I discovered the company SportEAR by AXIL. The products they specialize in allow you to have the hearing protection in your ears that also allow you to have normal conversations. Before I discovered this company I used regular earmuffs or earplugs. Just READ MORE

Shooting the Sidewinder

I got to get out and shoot my Sako 300WM over the Christmas break. I actually decided to film the differences with my GoPro and my phone from different angles. I noticed a big difference while shooting not only with getting back on target but as well as with the sound. When shooting I used my SportEAR Custom 360’s. Without the Area419 Sidewinder Muzzle Brake my ears were fine. I have shot a few hundred rounds through the rifle and I have always been fine shooting it. A week later when I had the muzzle brake installed and I shot READ MORE

Check out Unlimited Bullets!

Unlimited Bullets is a great opportunity to get ammunition sent straight to your door on a monthly basis. There is nothing I personally hate more then going to the store to pick up some ammo and only to find out that they are sold out. During certain months it is harder to find that ammo. Over at Unlimited Bullets they have solved this problem. You pick the caliber you want and they start sending you monthly shipments of ammunition! I personally seem to wait till the night before I am heading out to the range to either reload the necessary READ MORE

Muzzle Brakes

Having shot my .300 win mag over the past couple of years and knowing I was going to eventually need something to help with the kick I have slowly been listening to others recommendations as to what they use. I have been fortunate enough to harvest a few animals with this rifle but also realized I had issues with follow up shots. I did quite a bit of research on muzzle brakes. I spoke with hunting buddies, researched online forums and blogs as well as posted on some long range shooting Facebook pages. I ultimately landed on the Area 419 READ MORE

The Accubow

During the hunting offseason I am always looking for ways to keep in shape. I first started running 2 years ago after realizing I had some major pounds to lose. In addition to running I have always added some weight lifting and other training throughout the winter months. I have also attempted to shoot my bow in my backyard to keep my arms in tip top shape. Than I found the Accubow this last fall. It is essentially an elastic band on a bow that allows for different resistance levels. I have not been the most consistent user all winter READ MORE