Hearing Protection

Prevention is Better then a Cure I have been shooting since I was a teenager! As I have gotten older I have shot more and more often. I shoot rimfire up to magnum rifles. I have shot both indoors and outdoors. Unfortunately it wasn’t until the last year or so before I finally started to use hearing protection. I discovered the company SportEAR by AXIL. The products they specialize in allow you to have the hearing protection in your ears that also allow you to have normal conversations. Before I discovered this company I used regular earmuffs or earplugs. Just READ MORE

Shooting the Sidewinder

I got to get out and shoot my Sako 300WM over the Christmas break. I actually decided to film the differences with my GoPro and my phone from different angles. I noticed a big difference while shooting not only with getting back on target but as well as with the sound. When shooting I used my SportEAR Custom 360’s. Without the Area419 Sidewinder Muzzle Brake my ears were fine. I have shot a few hundred rounds through the rifle and I have always been fine shooting it. A week later when I had the muzzle brake installed and I shot READ MORE

The Accubow

During the hunting offseason I am always looking for ways to keep in shape. I first started running 2 years ago after realizing I had some major pounds to lose. In addition to running I have always added some weight lifting and other training throughout the winter months. I have also attempted to shoot my bow in my backyard to keep my arms in tip top shape. Than I found the Accubow this last fall. It is essentially an elastic band on a bow that allows for different resistance levels. I have not been the most consistent user all winter READ MORE